Saturday, January 1, 2011


Picture oriented as I am, none this time. :c Any who, I'm as stuck as ever on my history project and can't find enough of the pictures I need and can't come up with any good reason to explain why I have the ones I do have. I wish I could stop going out so much because it's hard to say no and I want to work on this blog and with make up more hahaha. (GOD, WHY AM I SO POPULAR. LOLJK) I was too late to get the circle lens deal and so I can either pay full price or wait another year. .___. Maybe if I can save my money until Chinese New Year, I can get them. (WHY AM I SO CHEAP?!) I'm thankful for my friends this year who enrage me but are all so sweet and go through great lengths for me. 

I need more time to myself to read manga. Particularly shoujo♥ because I used to go on MangaFox after school everyday just to find new shoujo manga to read because there is always a lot out there and the reason why I like it so much is because it's such a love filled world that's extremely fluffy and sparkly and sickening to some I know. (AMYLOL) It lets me out of reality and pretend that maybe it could happen to me. (Obviously I'm a girl who dreams of a-little-less-than-perfect Prince Charmings)

I've been so pissed and depressed today (most likely mood swings from my time of the month) I ate a bunch of chocolate things to cheer myself up. (so long, almost clear face! ( ; Д ;)/~~)

Onto my New Years Resolution! Gross. Everything begins with an S
•Stop talking (so people will think I'm nicer)
•Suck it up and not be such a bitch to less-than-bright people
•Stop that 'habit' and work hard
•Shoot for A's

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