Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dead eyed

When the studs I ordered came in, I immediately studded the collar of my favorite denim shirt. If the skirt looks familiar, it's from the dress I wore to my semi-formal junior prom. Yay, not a one time wear. :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


So last weekend was Prom, KawaiiKon, and the last couple days of my spring break. Prom was way more fun than I expected. Mine was semi-formal and I have a huge thing against satin dresses with rhinestones so I wore a simple chiffon one.
 Also, I've only recently been okay with my derp faces being put online. u__u
 If you didn't have nightmares before, you'll have them now. :3
 KawaiiKon was crazy. I was (Y)uni again and this time had a lot of my pictures taken and I've stuffed my hat so it stays on better but occasionally I will look like an Indiana Jones crystal skull. lol. (Q v Q;;)
 Amy was Sakura but forgot her headband at home.
 That was Friday. On Saturday me and Amy did our Rin and Len Love is War!!!! This lovely picture was taken by a nice guy named Gordan who noticed we were trying to do a jump shot but were failing horrible with our digital cameras and so he took pictures of us with his SUPER SPECIAL AWESOME DSLR. (Taken from Amy's blog)
 I made all the accessories for Anthony's Love is War Kaito cosplay. :3 Everything came out even better than me and Amy's lol. = 3 =;;
 Dianna took a couple of nice shots while she was with us.
 Occasionally, my friends will ask me how I do these faces so well. I don't even know. Sometimes people are just born ugly.  ヾ(*´ー`)ノ
 Although I really wanted to do Peter White from Heart no Kuni no Alice, I could only do a casual one since I haven't had time to make his coat. :P This was Sunday, the last day. These were taken from Amy's blog who was Kamui that day. :3
This was a random display at the convention center. sw33t r1d3

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Break

Eeeeeh. Things have been pretty hectic. I was hoping for a lot of relaxing days but, before the 2nd day of my spring break, everyday of the one week off I have has been filled. (#-Д-) Not only do I have SAT prep classes 1:00-3:00 Mon-Fri, but our junior prom is on Friday (not to mention the dance practice I've had to attend because I'm in the committee due to the lack of entertainment!) and KawaiiKon is Friday-Sunday and I just finished one out of the three cosplays I am working on for other people. (Who I can only give a day for each one) I'll be doing casual Peter White on Friday, and depending on what day the group photoshoot schedule is, (Y)uni and Rin on the other days. :x I don't even know if I'll find time to finish my homework over the break. ╥~╥

I've been really liking the Taiwanese drama of the manga Skip-Beat that Jennifer reccommended to me and it's been really helping me with my Mandarin as well. :)

I've also been watching Dream High 2 though the plot was kinda slow to me. :/
here is an outfit post o:

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Crossplay for Girls' Day [picheavy]

Me and Amy have had this tradition of having a "Jenny and Amy day" (based off of KHR's Kyoko and Hana who have a day to themselves where they eat all the junk food they want) and buy sweets and take pictures. (The first year we ever did it we bought a mini chocolate cake and tons of Pocky and wanted to die because it was TOO sweet (-`д´-)) Anyway, this year we got strawberry cream puffs and cosplayed as Rin and Len (casual) but decided to switch up the rolls like we did last March and Amy wanted me to do the boy role. Maybe it suits me better than being girly ( ;∀;) I kinda look like an elf though.


After many MONTHS. I finally got my creepers. I'm not a fan of the faux snake skin on the top so I'm gonna find some cheetah print fabric to put over it. I'm surprised I got any compliments from people at school about them consider they're a little bizarre. They're 0.5-1 size too small, but that's ok! I don't even know how I can say that when I have 2 dime sized blisters on each foot. (╥﹏╥) Maybe it's because they make me look especially long legged~

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