Sunday, May 29, 2011

Beach Party

All these pictures are from Amy ♥ Thanks for letting me take these.

So it was Macie's birthday party and I had sooo much fun not even one dull moment. Maybe there was too much to do hahaha. My legs are really tired and my back's a little sunburned. =__=;; WHAT IS SPF 100+ DOING IF NOT PROTECTING ME FROM THIS? I wouldn't mind tanning much if the tan lines weren't so freakin' hideous. .__.
I barfed a couple minutes after this because of my Chinatown break fast. Not eating from that one place again. .__.
We are so mature, we made Tawny a mermaid with a huge penis. I think it got knocked down in this one because the lady 3-5 feet away from of was giving us one hell of a stink eye. AHAHAHAAA. I got soaked shortly after this. I didn't have a change of clothes either. Goddamnit Tristan. .__.
 Donut eating contest we had :D I would've won if I could whistle properly! SCREW YOU SUNGJIN.
I was giving Daniel the super strength powers of a six-pack.
Tristan and Daniel trying to get the coconut husk off.
They peeled like one of two and failed so I was like, "MOVE ASIDE BITCHES."
Me by  myself going to town and that shat. No seriously, I'm really proud of myself. People usually think I'm that scrawny girl who is too weak and fragile and I frickin' peeled the rest of that thing all by myself. C:
Playing 'ninja' (Vivian's idea) anyway it includes funny poses like this ahaha.
It has always been a dream to be part of a human pyramid. * A * Especially on top! BWAHAHAHAA. One of the good things about being so light. Tristan's hand looks like he's touching that girl's ass LOL. He was actually helping me up there.
Before Sungjin left, he got hugs from girls LOL. I asked for a piggy-back ride. He spun me around like crazy so I hung on for dear life and choked him. AHAHAHAAA. It felt good to be 6 feet tall. He's 6'2" with stubble; holy crap can you believe he's FRESHMAN?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Series of good hair days.

Haven't posted anything in the longest time!! Mostly because I haven't gotten anything new. I have gotten some pretty awesome hair from doing this hair thing I saw in a Japanese magazine. After washing my hair and before bed I sectioned off my damp hair into 5; one bun on top, and 2 on either side. Slept on it overnight (very uncomfortable) and in the morning I curled the odd ends and ran mousse and hair spray through it. This was the result.

 What I do with my camera when I seclude myself in the library. :D

 Probably the best picture of my hair.
 Paws up!
My fake Born This Way and Judas tattooed on with Sharpie. Ahahaha. :,D
 Cake my mom brought back. The strawberry jam on it was disgusting. it was sour and tasted like wine, yuk.
 I got my old sunglasses and hammered out the lens. For something that's from Forever21 it was pretty hard to break.
 I was filling in my waterline for the make up, and it looks better. I'm not sure if I would do it for school though, because it makes my eyes look smaller in person I think.

Holy crap my arms look like twigs. Does this one creep you out?
I'm having weight issues. I'm 92-93 lb (5'4" btw) and that's due to skipping lunch so often. :/ Really I want to gain more weight and try to hit above 100 lb, but farthest I've gotten was 98 lb. This is mostly because I cannot stand eating the same foods over and over again. So I used to eat school lunch and breakfast because it was a nice change from the Chinese food I hate and am served everyday. But lately I don't like school lunch and kind of have to force myself to eat it more often. And at home, even the smell of rice makes me lose my appetite. I definitely eat breakfast and on school days maybe skip it once or twice in one month. I'm forced to eat every meal of the day, but it's hard to get full off food you don't like because if you don't like it, you won't eat much of it right? Well that's my problem. I read nuts and foods like rice, potatoes, pasta, and bread will get you fat because of their carbohydrates so maybe I'll just eat more of those. Except Jasmine rice. I hate that shit.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


I have tons of photos from Kawaii-Kon 2011!! 100+ so they're all in my facebook otherwise this post would be flooded with pictures. I also got new lashes from BeautyTouch. :3
 Anyway, Day one!
 Wearing the lashes here
 PEDOBEAR! He chased Amy around the escalators AHAHAHAAAA

 I keep covering my face because one side had 2 zits. ; A ; And it was supposed to be Asian lollita-y but I didn't put lace. = ^ =;; I made it myself, btw.
 Me and AMy at Sushi+Plus for dinner; my brother and jennifer's treat. > v <

Day two!
 I also made this one (Yuni/Uni) and helped Amy make her's, too. > v o (Mine's is from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)
 Sawada Tsunayoshi; I had to squat pretty low lololol.
 Gokudera Hayato
 Panda-mobile ♥
 Me and Amy practicing Hare Hare Yukai
Chillin' 8o

Day three

 I looove the bottom left picture. :D Not much from this day because I had to go home early. ^ u ^;;

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