Friday, June 17, 2011

Camera issue + haul

 So I haven't blogged recently because my camera's batteries died and I've been too lazy to change them and I'm having some major issues with the shutter button.( ̄~ ̄;) It won't take the picture when I press it. But I've found the solution!! (*≧▽≦) I spam click the shutter until it takes a picture LOL. Then the shutter starts working normally. ( ・ω< )b So I have summer school and got to see people I know from middle school which is so refreshing, makes me feel like I'm in middle school again. I don't get to see Shelley much unless we're going to McDonald's for breakfast that morning HAHA. I've seen Amy even less. :c I do see Jayme and Macie a lot though. Ah, I miss Jayme she is just such an overall nice person. (hard to explain my relationship with her lol) And I realize I have a strong attraction to tall guys OHOHOOOOO. Since some of the guys I know from middle school got tall and cute :3
My aunt got me this shirt which was thin and nice actually. I have an air conditioned class so it was good for that :D
 My grandma came back from China and gave me this shirt my cousin bought for me there. I asked my cousin to buy me more stuff but she won't be coming back until June. (  ゚,_ゝ゚)
 So I went shopping with my brother's girlfriend today and I didn't plan on spending much but my rbother gave me some money anyway because he didn't really want to bare the horror of girls shopping for underwear so I was like, "AWW YEAAAHHH." and so I picked up a few things from Gilly Hicks, god, that store smells amazing.Their perfumes are much lighter than the ones at Abercrombie& Fitch and Hollister. (= v = ;)

We stopped by Forever 21 and I got this lace crop top that just looked so romantic haha.
 And lashes from Codi Club which Shelley introduced me to! I've seen the palce all the time, but the clothes on display looks so old fashioned and...ugly in general. But deeper in the store they have tons of cute Korean jewlery, make up, lashes, wigs, hair extensions, phone charms etc. \(^□^*) They even sell circle lenses there! But they have a very limited variety and they're like $40 a pair so I'd still rather order online lol.
My nails this week. If you can tell, it's supposed to be something like a mermaid's tail but it's hard to make out but it kinda looks like an ocean though, RIGHT, RIGHT? Jk, nobody really thought it looked like that either. ;__; Anyway, that whole dark shade of aqua green and light shade is not the lighting, it's the nail polish. I used 2 different kinds to make a gradient effect which is more obvious when you observe the light is coming in from the left, but the left side of the nail is bluer.

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