Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I'm superrr excited for my lenses to come in. But since I last checked, they still haven't been sent to ship yet. (;_・) I did get the contact solution, but I think I need eye drops as well. I know when my friend ordered from HoneyColor, and she got it in 5 days, and I'm on my 10th day now, or 8th work day. :P I was on tumblr and I saw this on gyaru with lenses JUST LIKE the ones I ordered. It's like I'm waiting for Christmas to open my presents. ( TT 皿TT)

If it does come out looking like this, I'd be sooo happy. (*≧▽≦)
The yakisoba from the bunch my aunt brought for us.

Amy wrote my name in katakana lol. I thought this was just regular mayonnaise, but apparently it was the wasabi type. -had to find out the hard way- STILL DELICIOUS, THOUGH.


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