Sunday, January 30, 2011

Just received my lenses at school

I met with my friend Shelley in the morning. (she was the one I shipped it to ahaha) I opened the package right away while I was still eating breakfast at school. (^∀^)
 Here are some of the people I sit with in the morning (ohohohoho). left to right is Michelle, Emily, Jessica, and Amy.
 My breakfast~. Cinnamon waffle and canned peaches since I didn't end up eating it, I presented it beautifully instead. ( ・∀・)
 The package my lenses came in and the cute blue frog lens case it came with, too.
 It wouldn't float properly. (l|-_・)

 The glass vial.
 Dianna making an ugly face at me because she wouldn't let me take a picture of her UNTIL I REMINDED HER SHE KEPT TAKING PICTURES OF ME. (-ω- )
 All of my copics. I really need a light gray. :c
 My boots look pointyyy.
 Amyyy. We went to Barnes & Nobles. I read Otomen vol. 8, Cosmopolitan (learned about some good hair products in there), and Teen Vogue
Badass^ lol

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