Thursday, January 20, 2011


I ordered my Neo 4 Tone Clover Blue (14.2mm) lens on Friday/Saturday and I just got an e-mail saying they were shipped today♥ My parents are against me getting contacts so I'm shipping it to my friend's house LOL I'm having my mom get me contact lens solution by telling her it's for a science project ufufufuu.... I'M SO EXCITED (*≧▽≦)!! They're not prescription because I don't have one for contacts and you can't use your glasses prescription so I'm gonna be blind for a year! LOL.

Lately, I've been growing out my hair, because I'm getting tired of the short/straight bob look and long hair doesn't suit me because of my thin hair, so I think I'm gonna go for something like Funayama Kumiko (Kumicky)'s hair style.

I think this would definitely be my ideal hair. I love the style + the ash brown
My hair just touches my shoulder right now, and I think I need about mid-boob length hair for the curls to fall a little past my shoulders. I think it would be about 4-6 inches which should take practically an entire year! I still have to get a curling iron, because even though I can curl with my straightener, it's a long process that takes up time for school.

Ah, that's right. Chinese New Year's coming up and thankfully I'm Chinese! AHAHAHAHA. (^□^*)My favorite thing about being Chinese is the red envelopes of course~ I'm planning on buying either a Shue Uemura lash curler, or a heated one with the money I'll receive. Maybe some more lashes , too. I'm seriously considering hair extensions (Remy of course) when my hair grows out a little more, because sadly, genetics has not blessed me with the thick hair most Asians do.(;_・) (Although luckily for me, I don't much body hair lololol)

I should probably take pictures of my note pad. It has a list of everything I want with stars next to the things that are higher priority. I have to go review it again to rearrange my new priorities.(・∀・  )

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