Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wearing Lenses + Chinese New Year's Festival.

 I tried on my lenses the other day and I was a little disappointed in how it came out. Below is a picture of me with no eye make up or lenses. (・ェ・)

 Here's the lenses upclose.
 No face make up in this one so my skin is discolored and tired looking ahahaha.(^-^|l)
 Here, with make up. Also taken with the help of Amy.

 Up close with full eye make up.
 Some time after that I went with Amy to the Chinese New Year Festival in Chinatown.
 We immediately got BBQ beef kabobs OHOHOHO. \(^□^*)
 Here are a couple of stands that were out there.
 Got a honeydew bubble drink from the place above^ They were shitty to say the least lol. The pearls were undercooked and grainy and the drink itself with watery. (*。_。)
 Here, we see some students from a martial arts class performing.
 A creepy panda with a Chinese hat.
 Some lanterns on the street
 These cool bubble things that glow
I got these cuuute phone charms from a store while I was there.  (^∀^)

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