Friday, January 27, 2012

 Most of my things came in except for my shoes, extensions, and Arty ring. :,c Which I think is because I entered my zipcode a little wrong lol. Haaaaaa. (。-_-。) Anyway Chinese New Year's been nice except I hate jai. My dad ground me for a month because I used up all my Christmas money all at once, which is just ridiculous. (;¬_¬) I also have been watching a lot of Modern Family and it's hillarioussss. I don't mind staying home a whole lot. More days to be lazy~~~ (`・ω・´)

Red for Chinese New Year~

 Also, this week was our spirit week and on Wednesday we were supposed to dress as tourists So his was my outfit. I made the headband the night before and in the morning. *Amy helped me take these

  And the flowers my mom bought for CNY. :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

OOTW+Madoka Magica+lens issues

It's been a busy week but luckily, half of my grades were A's and I didn't get any D's but an F in math isn't any less awful. I still haven't shown my dad. That aside, coming back to school has just made me realize how much I hate people and social interactions haha.

My brother came back From Japan on Monday and I've just been nonstop eating blueberry cheesecake and apple flavored KitKats. He also brought back these cute little Madoka/Madouka Magica key chains he got from the gachapon there. He keeps insisting I watch the anime which I am currently.

Monday Outfit:

Wednesday Outfit:
I really love this cardigan. It's so soft and thick. I just want to wear it everyday lol.

On Friday I drew this on my hand during history. It was jsut a boring lecture of the Hawaiian history I learned in 7th grade so not much point listening imo. I kinda forgot how a skull's teeth looked but it's alright. I mainly like the flowers. Roses, lilies, narcissists, carnations, spider lilies, and lotuses.
Also, I've noticed my eye has been red lately especially around the iris. :/ I think I may be wearing my circle lenses too long but I love them sooo much. Especially since they're prescription. BUt I haven't worn them in 4 days, yet the veins are still very red.

If you want to see my eye click below

Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Favorite TV Shows

Oh my gosh how could I possibly forget!!!! So many of the shows I watch were on hiatus almost the entire month of December. And I totally forgot they were already back on! My number one is...

 I am endlessly in love with Dean, then Cas, then Sam. (´ڡ`  )UGHHHH SO HAPPY THEY'RE BACKKK. But Cas is still gone. I miss him like crazy.

Vampire Diaries
The plot has been pretty intense lately and I totally ship Elena and Damon. Ian Somerhalder just has the iciest eyes. But then again I have a thing for brunettes with blue eyes. (*Q* )

 It is just hilarious. I love everything about this show it's so well written/scripted whatever.

Now I'm just waiting for the new season of the UK series Skins

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First day back

Only retail therapy could rid me of the dread caused by my grades from 2nd quarter. After being excited about buying things online I was back to a depressed state when I got my math test back first thing in the morning. The one test I felt I did well on I ended up getting a 42%. I'm writing relatively formal as I'm feeling rather shitty and am still in the mindset of the English essay I did last night. I just need to breath and calm down and think about the good things. I'll be looking forward to my extensions next week and the rest of my purchases later this month which is really the only thing that makes me happy right now since I've completely exhausted the rest of my Christmas money on food haha. Well, here is another simple outfit just wearing the shirt I got at Forever 21 from the first few weeks of winter break. (  ´□`)ノ

Damn, pictures look so much better when someone is taking them and not from my tripod. Thanks again, Amy. (´ω`★)

Oh, and I finally got another flat iron and fixed my Peter White wig.

Monday, January 2, 2012


On my thrifting adventure with Amy it felt like we walked and stood FOREVER. Especially because you need to take your time when you're going through all those racks to make sure you don't miss anything. But it was worth it. I probably spent around $20-$30 on my Rin Kagamine Love is War cosplay. (★^O^★) I bought a black collared boy's shirt and black loafers at Savers and got my pants from GoodWill. They were Vans skinnies and were a size 5 but fit like a 3... (I'm a 0/1) but it was the smallest size they had. All the other yellow pants were huge. Then got yellow fabric, the socks, and bias tape from WalMart. Here is the finished top and the belts and stuff.
My cousin who's name just so happens to also be Amy, said I could use her Megurine Luka wig so I'm not sure if I should do the Love Ward version or Secret. (=Д= )?

Online Shopping + Small Haul [sorta pic heavy]

I really love Ebay for it's low prices and all since a lot of the venders are from HongKong and China and what not, but I hate how it takes a month or longer to get here! I finally bought a Rin Kagamine wig and extensions which I can't find a picture of right now since I ordered them a while ago(most of the things are knock-offs but I just really love how they look ( ; v ;)), but here are the other things:

Alexander Wang Rocco look-a-like (I wish I'd gotten the one with the long strap. :T)
Creeper-type shoes. I'm probably gonna end up painting over the snake skin pattern with black paint and add bars to the sides of the sole. :3
 A gold crown ring for only a dollar! I had like $6.80 left in my gift card so I ended up buying a couple of rings.$(KGrHqZHJCcE63YFJLmEBO8oudgI6!~~60_12.JPG
 A YSL Arty looking ring.
 And this bird skull one. My style has been edging toward a darker tone lately as I love Le Happy and Courtney's style.$(KGrHqEOKm4E42n!4djkBON7qu7o(g~~0_3.JPG

I went thrifting with Amy for cosplay things last week and I was so tired I felt like my legs were gonna break when I got home. ( ;`◇';) We tried on a lot of stuff and tried to find yellow bermuda shorts but they were all in big sizes especially for me. I got Vans skinnies to make into shorts which was a size 5 but fit like a 3(I'm a 0-1). I wonder how tight a 00. (゜-゜;;) I'll have a more details on it later. :3 Anyway I only got an over sized shirt.
On Sunday, I went with my calabash cousin (generally, you're not blood related but your families are close and you guys grew up together), Sandy to buy lashes. I never really saw the appeal in pointy/triangular bottom lashes but I'm starting to like them a lot after seeing her buy them and on Tsubasa's No. 7 lashes. They're soo overpriced so she got a much cheaper alternative from the brand Red Cherry. After seeing that I think I'll make a post sometimes later on DIY DollyWink lashes and alternatives. So look forward to that.
( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I couldn't help myself when I was at Con Quijote with her and saw these bottom lashes for $4. They're still pricier than Korean or Western ones but they just looked so much more natural compared to the Red Cherry ones I've bought before. Also I've been looking for a single copper eyeshadow which has been difficult because anything close is usually brown, but this was the best I could find but it's still more of a bronze.

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