Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fair + Hair

 Me and Dianna had to help our English teacher with setting up our stand at the Renaissance fair at the English building and I got to skip math HAHAHAHA. 8D We were a patisserie :3 Dianna looks pretty cool here.
 We set up in the courtyard and here is our strudel/pastries. :3 I kept calling Dianna and Vivian wenches and giving Vivian crap to do for not helping make these LOLOLOLOL. I kept telling her to pick flowers from the bushes on the side to make it more pretty, but ended up getting most of them myself. :P
 Top is apple bottom is blueberry.
 Macie's actually not part of it, but she was wearing our patissier hat anyway. It was really hot and sunny that day. =__=
 Yueshi and jenn came over so I could practice/try stuff on them to get ready for prom. Jennifer's already graduated but going anyway, this would be Yueshi's senior prom. She looks so cuute ♥♥
French braided side bun. :3

Monday, April 25, 2011

Pancakes & Nicki Minaj

I woke up this morning to find this on the kitchen counter.
It was from my brother. The other day I changed my caller ID on his phone to Justin Bieber lololol.
I called Amy over to finish working on our cosplays for KawaiiKon (This Fri-Sun)And we madse pancakes for breakfast. :D
Also, John and Shelley got me a Nicki Minaj t-shirt as a late birthday present. :D

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thrift+Helium singing

So me and Shelley (I miss you Amy D: ) went to Savers (thrift store) so I could find some things for my K-ON! cosplay, but I couldn't find anything!!! So me and Shelley looked around and found some cool stuff. Like a vintage Coach bag for $25 and a vintage Canon camera for $15. @__@ We didn't get those, I got another pair of ugly boy shorts to turn into cute girl shorts and a denim jacket. ;o
 We went to Toys N Joys first so I could get Amy her late birthday present. I wish I could've gotten this Soul Eater poster for her, but it was over my budget. :,c
 I really liked this sweater!! ($8) But once I saw there was a hole in it, I put it back but now I just remembered I can always sew it closed because the thing is crocheted anyway so it wouldn't be noticeable. =__=
 The denim jacket I got. Reminds me a lot of my dad's (HUUGE). I got it because it had the same vintage look as my dad's and he got his when he first immigrated to the U.S. (over 20 years ago)
 This was the camera we saw!
And the bag. :,C I wish I had got it now.

And now...shitty singing on helium!

Nicki Minaj's Superbass

Katy Perry's ET ft. Kanye West

Thursday, April 21, 2011


I went to Buca di Beppo for my birthday dinner with Amy, Dianna, and Cathy. :,D My mom gave me some money since she felt bad that she wasn't able to take me herself, but I kinda feel it's better with my friends anyway. > v <;;

 I really like my boots as you can tell haha.
 I'm also really glad the weather's been warmer so I can wear the shorts I thrifted last weekend! I cut, ripped, and studded them myself. ;3
 The back. Yes. Lots o' ass.
Me and AMy waited at Barnes & Nobles for Cathy & Dianna

She was lying on the shelf hahaha. So cute. :3
 Cathy got me a box full of stuff since she wasn't sure what to get me for as a present.
 Like these sunglasses! :D

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Birthday! ☆

Since my birthday fell on a Wednesday, I got a lot of happy birthday wishes from all the people I knew from school. :,D I was disappointed that none of my family members had time/didn't like Italian food because I really wanted to go to Buca di Beppo for fried calamari. * A * But this is just how my day went.
 Dianna got me the My Beauty Diary face masks. WAAAH wanted these for soo long. Lots of  thanks to herr.
 During lunch with Amyy
My outfit that day. :3 I need to get a belt for those things. =__= Sometimes I like shorts so much I buy sizes too big for me. Ehh; clothes in general I always get in 1 or 2 sizes up hahaha.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Semi-birthday celebratin'

I spent the earlier part of my day at the senior home talking with them and such. It felt really good to hear them thank me for painting their nails. :D Later I met up with Amy to go thrifting for cosplay stuff. SHE ended up getting cosplay things and I got these high waisted boy (as in male child) pants because they fit and were cheaper than the adult women's hahaha. :D I cut then to make shorts like these.
I may have cut it too short. It feels like my ass might slip out or something LOL. But my friend said it doesn't look like it would. PHEW
 We went to Barnes & Nobles afterward and she was on her DS while I read magazines lololol. I saw these CUUUTE LLAMA AND UNICORN IN THE KIDS SECTION. :,D
 We split and I walked to Kats Sushi to meet up with my brother and his girlfriend, Jennifer since they were taking me out for my birthday. ^ w ^ I scraped my foot so she gave me this CUUUTE ASSS BANDAID. I didn't even want to use it LOL.
 The place was very small, but cool.

It was an "All you can eat" kind of thing and this was our first round. (minus 3 nigiri since we ate those)
 2nd round. I got full about here.
 ^looked like a flower lol.
THIRD ROUND! Being that  in round 1 & 2 we each split evenly, Jennifer wanted more and I had like one of each of those to help her out (If you can't finish everything, you pay for everything you ate individually). I thought I was gonna explode/die. Seriously.
 I had never been that full in my entire life. Anyway, here's me riding a bike without peddles! Just kidding (obviously)
 My brother said he would take me for ice cream at Bubbie's and we rode in his friend's truck, but it was PACKED with people! And so was Snow Factory... and then we drove around and around Waikiki until I just went with Yogurtland.
 There's my bowl and I loooved the mango flavor. As well as sitting in the trunk. So, there was a problem though, because I was sitting awkwardly and the truck made a VERY sharp turn and I was gonna hit the truck bed hard and wanted to prevent getting a concussion and (truck was pretty new, mind you.) I slid from one side to the other gripping this underside/rail thing of new plastic so it cut my middle finger almost halfway in and I bled on my jeans and the truck and used napkins to apply pressure. It kind of breaks open if I move my right hand too much. Grossness after the jump.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


I used to have mild to severe acne from 4-9 grade! But I think this year, I finally found a skin care regimine that finally works! My skin hasn't been this smooth and spotless since I was in third grade. O__O

Morning: Clean & Clear Brightening Morning Burst cleanser

After noon: Biore Ice Cleanser

Night: Neutrogena Acne Stress Control Cream cleanser + sugar as an exfoliator
(after face wash I use Eskinol Calamnsi toner then Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer Gel for Oily Skin which sucks compared to the lotion)
And every Sunday I use Queen Helen's Mint Julepe Masque and then sugar scrub.
Also, the BB cream is doing it's job and lightening my blemishes (aka acne scars)
Now to work on evening skin tone! o' A 'o

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Brain Health Fair

I had a pretty good day today; I went to this brain health fair or something at the Hilton here with Shelley and 2 other people from my biology class which was extra credit for my biology teacher. I saw this girl with them I hadn't seen before and she was from Maryland or something and came all the way here for the fair to present her poster for schizophrenia, but she ended up leaving early so we showed her around the Waikiki area, mall, and other stores. I thought she was so brave to trust us and get on the bus with us when we were taking her around. o___o Second to not talking to strangers even if they're my age, I would not get on a bus with them when I had no idea where I was myself. We never even had an awkward silence either.

My guy cousin came over with my younger girl cousin and made me cheesecake! It tasted more like custard tart though ahaha. :3

Full day with Amy

We went to the Waikiki Forever 21so she could get her boots and went into some other shops while we were at it. :D
From Amy's blog here
 She bought me BB cream for my birthday which is coming up~
Then Ala Moana's Barnes & Nobles, ran some errands there and Walmart. :3

Friday, April 8, 2011

For a while,

I've been very depressed about various things and I won't be talking about it either. To cope, I'm burying myself in studying and the book I borrowed today which I'm half way done with already.

On a lighter note, to thank Jennifer for taking me out to eat so often, I made her a bento of the pig rabbit she loves so much (But all I know is that it's from a drama she really likes) furikake rice balls and cheese, bacon, green onion omelette. (I tried making it into a heart shape like how I saw in a Japanese magazine once, but that failed lol)
I also made myself iced strawberry black tea.
And I went with my mom to Palama (Korean supermarket) and bought this strawberry-apple popsicle I've been wanting to try again since Rachel first introduced it to me. @ A @
 Also this one I've seen in the few k-dramas I've watched and it tastes freakin' gooooooooooood. Cheap, too. 89 cents. :D
Gah. I really wish I could do more posts on make up and clothes, but I haven't bought anything new lately or review anything that hasn't already been reviewed 948975610230 times. :C

Friday, April 1, 2011

Stupid virus. :P

I had a virus on my main computer for the whole week. ; A ; Sucked SO BAD. Finally got it out, so I can catch up on all the things I missed this week! YAY just in time for the weekend. :3

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