Sunday, March 27, 2011


My 20 year old guy cousin made shortbread cookies the other day (lmfao) and I saw recipes online and saw how easy they were, so I decided to make some myself with the help of Amy and my brother's girlfriend, Jennifer. :3 Super easy just 3 ingredients; sugar butter, flour.
 Coincidentally, there ended up being a bear silhouette from the BUTTER.
 We used Amy's heart cookie cutters. :D
 What i don't understand is why some where so randomly dark.
Me and Amy packed some up and went to the beach; not to swim though. I have man pecks and the torso of a 12 year old boy. ;o
 LOL Amy struttin' her stuffs.
 The green tea I packed that looks a lot like disgusting sea water LOL.
 And the cookies * A * With Nutella on the side.
 Amy photobombed this one LOL. I think she looks really cute though. :D
We went around the rocky shallow areas to look for....alive things and found this tiny hermit crab (White thing is it's claw) I kept screaming because I was afraid it was gonna pinch/bite me.
 Sea urchin
 Disgusting grubby worm looking things. DO NOT WORRY. I PUT EVERYTHING BACK WHERE I FOUND THEM.

On our way back. :3

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Since my last post;

Went to Barnes & Nobles with Amy after school on Thursday and I'm really obsessed with Dengeki Daisy and was reading that the entire time AHAHHAHA
 I went out and third wheeled with my brother and his girlfriend and watched Sucker Punch and I LOVED IT. Deep, interesting plot and I think it was an action and psychological type of movie. Anyway, after that, we went to Sushi+Plus for dinner and I was surprised they had complimentary kimchee and daikon. They also had k-pop MVs playing on the TV in the corner.
 They also served us complimentary miso soup with our 2 spicy tuna donburi and fish cake kimbap. P:

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Almost the end of break!

I had an awesome time chillin' for 2 weeks LOL. :D But I'm only seriously doing work now. ; A ; Finished Full House a while ago and honestly, I really didn't like it. It bored me to death and it had such a predictable ending, too. It annoyed me how unnaturally mean the guy was and I just couldn't stand how long the dramatic pauses were either.

I watched Dream high! (Suggested by my brother's girlfriend and my cousin) I really liked everything about it and it was so heart warming and sweet in general. I probably won't be watching anymore k-dramas since school's starting soon, haha.
So I'm doing my history homework (First of many homeworks) and I have no idea why my parents think kakimochi/arare is so bad for the health. =__=
^Taken with my brother's iTouch. Honestly, why does it make me look way better than regular cameras do?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

John and Rachel. :D

I hung out at the mall with John and Rachel for a bit.
 Haha, Rachel was trying to make it a candid and pretending the camera wasn't there. her face was cute. :D
 We went to SushiSan and luckily there wasn't much people this time. :D It's pretty cool there with their 3 rotating belts. One for tea cups and tea, and the other two for sushi.

After Rachel left, me and John wentto look for skanky short shorts for his sister's brithday present LOL.
 Came home and took a picture of my outfit as soon as I got there.
And a little playing with make up. o:

Sunday, March 13, 2011

*make up

I finally did my make up full on with my lenses and this was the result. I'm surprised you can't see my actual iris. ( o A o);;

Close up^
 Eyes: Revlon matte eye shadow in riviera blue
Maybelline gel liner
Cherry bottom lashes
Sunku top lashes
Revlon illuminance cream shadow in skin lights (matte shadow for base) (lightest shade for inner corner)

Face: Loreal perfecting base primer
Loreal souffle foundation
NYC creme blush in plaza pink

Lips: Burt's Bees lip balm
Revlon matte lipstick in sky pink

Honolulu Festival.

For the Leo Club, we had to practice how to play the Japanese instruments on Saturday for the parade on Sunday.
I for one was sleepy as hell because me Shelley, and Dianna just finished weeding the cactus garden at KCC.
We had to learn pretty much all of the instruments including this big drum, a smaller, flatter one, and a bell.
^Taken from Dianna's blog.
My brother and his girlfriend took me and Dianna to SushiSan just before we headed to the practice in Waikiki on Sunday. :3 I was really irritated because they were taking forever to give me my fried squid, and they were out of tobiko so I ended up eating 4 plates of spicy tuna.
Here we are at the park's parking lot waiting for instructions.
My brother's girlfriend said we look like monkeys; AHAHAAA.
^Taken from Dianna's blog.
^Taken from Dianna's blog

 I almost look like I'm wearing a yankee coat because it was so long LOL.
 Us in the float > A <;;
^Taken from Dianna's blog
 I'm glad we got a free meal afterwards. They gave us a free medium meal coupon and I wa slike, "YESSS I CAN ORDER A $5 BURGER NOWWW." Dianna's didn't want her Big Mac patties, and me and Shelley couldn't decide if we wanted beef or chicken burgers so we got chicken and took Dianna's. FATASS' BEST OF BOTH WORLDS.
^Taken from Dianna's blog
 We had these nice old Australian tourist couple take our picture at the ABC store. :D

Friday, March 11, 2011

Style switch. :)

I went to just Barnes & Nobles with Amy today while I cross dressed and Amy dressed as girly as she was comfortable with. (She usually dresses tom boyish) I was a little embarrassed to go anywhere else because I would look like a gay guy looking through girl's clothes hahahaha.
While we were there, I grabbed a couple magazines to read as usual, but it was even more embarrassing to grab the Cosmopolitan (for the sake of beauty products!) and this guy saw me, but I got over it.
 We went to McDonald's afterwards
 And took a final picture concluding our outing. :x
 All of the above were taken by Amy. :3 Her blog here.
I made my mom buy this mango+cream ice cream and you can't even taste the mangoness at all, I was so disappointed. .__. It is deliciously creamy, though.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

*more complaining from me.

Basically, I'm speaking here for all the things I don't want to really say to anybody. I don't understand why I've been so emotional lately. Mostly angry as hell. I'm so pissed I could really hit something. Especially my brother who thinks it's alright if he pisses me off and just says sorry like I won't still be mad. Then yells at me for still being mad and then everything's perfectly fine after that like I wouldn't be even MORE annoyed/furious with him. I kind of want to cry because there's no arguing with him since he'll always be convinced he's right.

Also, being at home for these past couple days have made me skinnier somehow? I rarely eat lunch at school (because it's gross) and last time I checked maybe a week or two ago, I was like 92.8 on an empty stomach and now I'm 91.8 on a full one. What the crap is going on? I'm currently feasting on a huge bowl Nutella + corn flakes. If I still have the flu in my system, maybe I'll try coughing on him in his sleep
I'm pretty irritated at my brother for waking me up in the middle of the night to open the door for him and then accidentally kicking my bed this morning while getting something. /( =`皿′ = )\ Needless to say, I'm tired. Also, the batteries for my camera are dead and there's no more in the house. (*・_・)

Shelley had Amy bring over the k-drama Full House for me today. I hear it's really good but it's pretty boring right now. ( I'm on the 3rd episode) .__. Also the clothes and stuff are so outdated ahahaha. Only my tea and Nutella toast for breakfast is worth being awake for. Д ` )

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


So I've been a little sick these past couple weeks, but then I got a 102 degree fever on Saturday which wasn't that bad, so I went to the doctor. Apparently I got the flu and can't go to school for a week which sucks because this is the last week of the quarter and I have tests to do and I'm trying to make it to having only As and Bs. Also, it's lonelier than I thought without my friends. :c

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Girls Day!

I had celebrated Girls' Day with Amy after school and suggested we make Pocky deco! Or as close as we could get, hahaha. ( ゚▽゚)/
I had some sprinkles at my place and Amy bought the chocolate and Pocky

I had to stick the Pocky in the microwave and then press them together which was a little hard.
We melted the chocolate (we had to add a little Nutella to loosen the consistency) and stuck it into a ziplock bag afterwards.
We started the decorating~ (´・ω・`)

These were the left over ones so we dipped them in the melted chocolate
I made us some jasmine milk tea.
Finished product! (*≧▽≦)

Me and Amy enjoying our tea and sweets with odd faces.

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