Monday, February 21, 2011

My week

So this post will be a little randomly posted because it is too goddamn hard to move all the pictures to the right place and I might have to punch somebody. So this was Saturday where Cathy, Dianna, and Shelley came over. I convinced Dianna's prissy-ass to let me put make up on her, and so of course I had to try the gyaru look on her. Me and Shelley were raging how her lashes were longer than THE EXTENSIONS!!! Anyway not much of a huger difference on her than it was with Amy (most likely because of the mono-hooded lid thing)
 On Friday, I went shopping in Waikiki with Shelley and picked up these here.
 I need to iron the gray one and I plan to make a skull cut out like so:
 Also I got some whitening stuff. Toner and BB cream.
 Did my nails on Sunday. I was trying to do a DollyWink type of thing, but it kinda failed hahaha. Except for the thumb.

 On Friday after school, me and Shelley hung out at Jack in the Box before we caught the bus.

  In the dressing room at Pineapple County in Waikiki
 Shelley was like, "I don't know why people get fedoras, they are so tacky/gross." but then she changed her mind after I made her try it on.
 Damn, do we look hipster, lol.
 This was probably the only silly picture from her she let me keep lol.

Me opening my eyes as big as I could.
 This cute little girl we saw on the bus that kept staring at us, hahaha.


  1. HAHAAAAA. Dianna looks so different! Dayeum. I bet if she had this look every day,she'd not only have stalkers, she'd have OBSESSIVE stalkers! xD

  2. LOL! I insisted on unflattering close ups of it, hahaha. 8D Maybe stalkers are why she refuses to keep it on. xD

  3. Lolol Did the little girl stop staring after you took a picture of her?

  4. No, she kept looking over even when I stared back at her LOL.


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