Monday, February 14, 2011

My new tail keychain! (*≧▽≦) + other stuff

Got a new tail key chain from Cathy. I looove it. \(^∀^)It's way more plush and fluffy than the one I had before (gave it away to John)
  It makes my bag stand out compared to the other girls at school with the same bag.
These are unbelievable delicious. (*゜Д゜*) WAY too small though. each KitKat is pinky finger sized.
 My brother's friend brought it back for us and it was around $20 a box.

 My ring collection + favorite accessories.
 The new stuff I got after a day with Shelley. I LOOOVE the Gilly Hicks bag! And ray ban type sun glasses from Nordstrom and Shelley let me borrow her Boys Before Flowers. (I know, "You're late on the Boys Before Flowers train, Jenny!" I'm not a k-drama fan, I just started watching it at her place and she let me borrow it. Simple as that.) (*・_・)ノ
 I actually returned the tank top above because it was too small and got these ones below. They're the same general style as each other just different colors.
 While I took Shelley to buy Korean lashes, the lady gave us these Conju soaps to sample. It's supposed to give you even 'princess' skin. We'll see.
 While I was with Amy on a different occasion, we were watching a movie at my house eating animal crackers and I kept taking the camels and turning them into horses by biting their humps off. I tried finding cows later to rid them of their utters but they were harder to find. `Shame, really.
 Shelley gave me this while I was at her house. Tasty; but I'm not a fan of the pulp.
 Amy let me try gyaru make up on her, and jesus, look at the difference! A good job if I do say so myself. 8D

 The contents of my bag:
1. lens wipe for my glasses , 2. EOS lip balm in honeydew P:  ,3. My keys. On there is a mushroom keychain, Lady GaGa voodoo doll and my school ID, 4. Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer in twisted peppermint , 5. Complete Blink-and-Clean eye drops for contacts , 6. my tiny squeezy lotion that I filled up with Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction , 7. Wallet from Forever 21 , 8. Note pad where I list all the things I want to get, make, etc. , 9. Estee Lauder blush-bronzer compact (I jsut use it for the mirror) , 10. Pen , 11. Make up bag
 Inside my make up bag:  
1. Koji Natural Eye Talk (eye lid glue) , 2. Maybelline gel liner , 3. lash/brow comb/brush , 4. liner brush, 5. Eyetalk fork/stick/torture tool, 6. DollyWink liquid eyeliner pen, 7. Ralph Lauren roll on perfume , 8. Maybelline Eyestudio Creme eye shadow in rose revolution(base) , 9. Estee Lauder smudge proof lengthening mascara + primer , 10. Rimmel lash excellerator mascara , 11. DiorShow macara , 12. MUFE aqua liner black, 13. Revlon ColorStay quad in in the buff 

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