Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lunch @ Jin Din Rou

 After sleeping over at Shelley's house, my mom called me and told me to meet her at Jin Din Rou; a Taiwanese dim sum restaurant from Japan less than a block away from Shelley's place. The place was niiiice.
 A couple pictures of the inside.

 I ordered this tan tan noodle it was like egg/ramen noodle in this spicy peanuty soup. Reminded me of something Thai.
 Shelley had shrimp fried rice. Everything looks jsut wayy better than the Chinese restaurants in Chinatown, but the same as the ones I've seen when I was in China.
 Soup dumplings! :D
 Some pretty flowers on my way back home from dropping off some of those dumplings at my cousin's house.

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