Friday, February 25, 2011

☆Friday Sleepover

Went out with Shelley and John right after school. :D
After dropping off my things to sleep over at Shelley's house (Because my dad's gone for the weekend and so my mom let me! :D) we went to try Snow Factory at McCully. I heard it wasn't like shave ice, but I went only on a whim as I am not a shave ice person.
I look like an effing dog in a car window, LOL.
We got peach + milk flavored 'snow' and they sure give you a lot for about $4+ depending on how much topping you put on. the mochi and condensed milk was 50 cents each but everything else on there was free topping.

Shelley has this cute-ass tiny oyster sauce bottle key chain.

They have this board with sticky notes behind it, so I drew a silly picture of the three of us.
We walked out of McCully and towards Waikiki

Shelley having a sudden period cramp and looking like she's taking a crap, lmao.

Saw this pretty gazebo at the Best Western in Waikiki.

In Galleria looking for John's sister who was working there, which failed lol.
Taking the bus out of Waikiki and back into Ala Moana area.

My and Shelley went purikura together (booth on the right)
In one of the pictures I look like an ALIEN. Lol. The machine totally caught my eyeliner + circle lenses and widened my eyes.

Hung out and talked smack at McDonald's (So classy)

Walked around the area.

We walked John to the bus stop and went back to Shelley's house for the rest of the night. We made spicy tuna and had a bunch of snacks while watching I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry.

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