Sunday, February 6, 2011

From the past week:

I have homework to do and nails to paint, but I haven't been on a computer for 3 days, I don't know how I survived. I'm so obsessed with my lenses. I'm not sure how happy I am with the size, but I like the way it looks here. ( ゚゚)
 That is my brother's bed and he's 18 almost 19 with ridiculous Shin-chan bed sheets right now. This is why he is going to be a virgin foreverrrrr. LOLOLOL.
 Chinese New Year's and we have whipped out our serving thing. it's lacquered and rotates like a boss.
 Random assortment of Chinese snacks for guests.
 I effing love soup + noodles so bad. Another one of the instant bowl noodles, my aunt gave us.
 Amy tells me it's pork udon and it is goooood stuff.
Amy took this. Please forgive my house shorts. They are ugly and comfortable. ♥
So we went to the Punahou carnival (carnival at Punahou private school) and me Amy(thanks for the pictures), Dianna, and John road this monster. I road with John and since he's a chunky douche bag and I'm a skinny ho; his weight spun us around more because of the momentum and the bar didn't hold me down very well so I got shaken inside that caged thing and my thighs are a little bruised lololol. It was hella fun though. (^□^*)
Me further expressing my love for noodles. ♥
 Me, John, and Amy (taking the picture) chillin' after Dianna left with Cathy. (My legs look like a plastic doll's LOL. My shorts are also crotchtastic. ;o)

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