Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Jogging/City Cafe

I went jogging with Amy after school today so we had something to write in our fitness log for Health class ahahaha. We basically jogged down to Ala Moana and there was this bubble drink place just across the street from it called City Cafe. I've been there before but I've never really had their bubble drinks. They're a Chinese based bubble drink so they have those sealed lids YOU STAB YOUR STRAW THROUGH. LOL. ( ゚▽゚)/
 I had the jasmine green milk tea. Tasted less like tea than the one I had at Tutti Frutti and a little more like coffee. I think they put too much milk or something lol. The floral taste was more or less the same, though. THE PEARLS WERE GOOOD. Sweet and chewy; just the way I like it. P:
 Amy took a picture of me right after we got there and I wasn't really paying attention and had a stupid-ass mouth hanging open lololol.
My face looks pretty gaunt from the slurping and my hair's still a mess AHAHAHA. \(^o^)

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