Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Favorite TV Shows

Oh my gosh how could I possibly forget!!!! So many of the shows I watch were on hiatus almost the entire month of December. And I totally forgot they were already back on! My number one is...

 I am endlessly in love with Dean, then Cas, then Sam. (´ڡ`  )UGHHHH SO HAPPY THEY'RE BACKKK. But Cas is still gone. I miss him like crazy.

Vampire Diaries
The plot has been pretty intense lately and I totally ship Elena and Damon. Ian Somerhalder just has the iciest eyes. But then again I have a thing for brunettes with blue eyes. (*Q* )

 It is just hilarious. I love everything about this show it's so well written/scripted whatever.

Now I'm just waiting for the new season of the UK series Skins

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