Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First day back

Only retail therapy could rid me of the dread caused by my grades from 2nd quarter. After being excited about buying things online I was back to a depressed state when I got my math test back first thing in the morning. The one test I felt I did well on I ended up getting a 42%. I'm writing relatively formal as I'm feeling rather shitty and am still in the mindset of the English essay I did last night. I just need to breath and calm down and think about the good things. I'll be looking forward to my extensions next week and the rest of my purchases later this month which is really the only thing that makes me happy right now since I've completely exhausted the rest of my Christmas money on food haha. Well, here is another simple outfit just wearing the shirt I got at Forever 21 from the first few weeks of winter break. (  ´□`)ノ

Damn, pictures look so much better when someone is taking them and not from my tripod. Thanks again, Amy. (´ω`★)

Oh, and I finally got another flat iron and fixed my Peter White wig.


  1. Wow your shirt is so nice! I have been looking for a shirt like that for a long time! ^ ^ And I understand, school can be so tough...

  2. jenny, your style is amazing and love your figure! great blog, and enjoyed browsing. :)



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