Monday, January 2, 2012


On my thrifting adventure with Amy it felt like we walked and stood FOREVER. Especially because you need to take your time when you're going through all those racks to make sure you don't miss anything. But it was worth it. I probably spent around $20-$30 on my Rin Kagamine Love is War cosplay. (★^O^★) I bought a black collared boy's shirt and black loafers at Savers and got my pants from GoodWill. They were Vans skinnies and were a size 5 but fit like a 3... (I'm a 0/1) but it was the smallest size they had. All the other yellow pants were huge. Then got yellow fabric, the socks, and bias tape from WalMart. Here is the finished top and the belts and stuff.
My cousin who's name just so happens to also be Amy, said I could use her Megurine Luka wig so I'm not sure if I should do the Love Ward version or Secret. (=Д= )?

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