Friday, January 27, 2012

 Most of my things came in except for my shoes, extensions, and Arty ring. :,c Which I think is because I entered my zipcode a little wrong lol. Haaaaaa. (。-_-。) Anyway Chinese New Year's been nice except I hate jai. My dad ground me for a month because I used up all my Christmas money all at once, which is just ridiculous. (;¬_¬) I also have been watching a lot of Modern Family and it's hillarioussss. I don't mind staying home a whole lot. More days to be lazy~~~ (`・ω・´)

Red for Chinese New Year~

 Also, this week was our spirit week and on Wednesday we were supposed to dress as tourists So his was my outfit. I made the headband the night before and in the morning. *Amy helped me take these

  And the flowers my mom bought for CNY. :)


  1. I love this outfit so much :O So mori <3

  2. Love the flower crown!!! So cute XD

    1. Thank you! Took some time to make it + hot glue gun burns. =__=

  3. I really like the flowers!

    P.S. I got here from gaia XD Haha

  4. Drop by! :) Hi! U hv a really nice blog!

  5. Gorgeous outfit! Love the head band with cute flowers. :)


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