Saturday, January 14, 2012

OOTW+Madoka Magica+lens issues

It's been a busy week but luckily, half of my grades were A's and I didn't get any D's but an F in math isn't any less awful. I still haven't shown my dad. That aside, coming back to school has just made me realize how much I hate people and social interactions haha.

My brother came back From Japan on Monday and I've just been nonstop eating blueberry cheesecake and apple flavored KitKats. He also brought back these cute little Madoka/Madouka Magica key chains he got from the gachapon there. He keeps insisting I watch the anime which I am currently.

Monday Outfit:

Wednesday Outfit:
I really love this cardigan. It's so soft and thick. I just want to wear it everyday lol.

On Friday I drew this on my hand during history. It was jsut a boring lecture of the Hawaiian history I learned in 7th grade so not much point listening imo. I kinda forgot how a skull's teeth looked but it's alright. I mainly like the flowers. Roses, lilies, narcissists, carnations, spider lilies, and lotuses.
Also, I've noticed my eye has been red lately especially around the iris. :/ I think I may be wearing my circle lenses too long but I love them sooo much. Especially since they're prescription. BUt I haven't worn them in 4 days, yet the veins are still very red.

If you want to see my eye click below

It seems not that bad, but just tilt your screen back.


  1. Wow I just love the little figurines!

    1. Thanks, if you ever get a chance (unless you've already watched it) you should definitely watch the anime! Only 12 episodes but super good. c,:

  2. I love your 2nd outfit so much :D Especially the tights. <3 So jelly. I hope I can find something like that here!

    1. I just wore knee high socks over lace ones. :3


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