Friday, November 25, 2011

Wool cardigan

 Thanks Amy for the help. ヽ(´▽`)/  Since it's been cold lately and I've been looking for chunky sweaters, I went through my parent's and found this cardigan which is my dad's. It's Irish shetland wool or something. I don't know wool very well but this thing was INSANELY ITCHY. Like it looks soft until you touch it. If you can tell I REALLY like my leopard flats. They go with everything and make  my outfits instantly cooler. :D

 Today was Black Friday but I didn't get much since my dad really didn't want me out because it's 'dangerous'. :,c I didn't have much to spend either LOL. I'm really tired but I wish I could've stayed out longer since I was with Dianna and her cousin the entire time. ; A ; I'm saving for creepers or Doc Marten boots. I already decided on creepers, but boots would be a lot more practical since my dad said I could go with my brother and his friend to Japan for the winter. (≧∀≦)!!! But that is only if it's okay with my brother's friend since it's his dad's friend's ski resort and we would be helping them out there. My brother told me about 1/3 the work is hard labor like carrying around heavy stuff so I don't know if they would let me do it since I'm all scrawny and stuff haha. (;∀; ) I REALLY hope I can go. I've only seen snow once when I went to Canada but never seen it SNOWING.

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