Monday, November 7, 2011

Since the last post;

It has been so many different people's birthdays and Dianna's is coming up this week as well. I still haven't found the things I have in mind of getting her. .__. Shitty camera phone post yayy!!! (´;∀;`)
This was just random at school. we had cereal and a banana so I drew a squid and made it attack the tower that is my milk. :3
 That aside, it was Jennifer's birthday and we went to BUBBIES!! ヽ(´▽`)/ (my first time there and I heard great things)
 They're known for their unique mochi ice cream flavors. I got mango, peach, passion fruit, sakura, mocha, and lychee.
 The next week was Rachel's birthday and we went to Angelo Pietro, I had this bacon and mushroom spaghetti in a cream sauce. Really the best Italian I've had so far and it was only around $10.95? Idk, most of the places go for like $15-$19. It was so nice to see all these people I knew from middle school. ( ゚ヮ゚)
 The week after, (this passing Saturday) was John's and we were going to Karaoke at 7-10 so me and Dianna went shopping for his present in Waikiki and went to Marukame.
 Ugh I took a fuzzy picture of Dianna since I tried to be quick because she usually covers her face. (='A'=;;)

After karaoke,  we went to Don Quijote and I found this mask and gave it to Kai to wear. (I sang the most ahaha... ) I'm so glad I was able to rap Busta Rhyme's part in Look At Me Now by Chris Brown. (‐^▽^‐)

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