Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Post Halloween

I was so dead tired (oh, why did I go out on a Monday?) I couldn't make my post until now. I had some fun hanging out with Hiroshi, Kai, and this guy from middle school I haven't seen in years o__o, William, and a random 4th member who was changed twice. Anyway, William's a bit off with his Biology and political jokes....I don't even know when he's serious or kidding because at first I think he's kidding about being asexual, then he goes about telling how he would do this.....Other than the rain, I had a pretty good time with them, but I'd much rather be part of the scene in Waikiki than trick-or-treating in Manoa. (We only went to 5-8 houses) SO I was a mermaid/merfolk. I would've loved to do a tail, but that'd be restricting, wouldn't it?

Hope you guys had a great Halloween


  1. ooh cool! how did u do the scales??

  2. I mixed eyeshadow with lotion and rubbed it on and then I drew the scales in while eyeliner, haha. :D


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