Saturday, November 26, 2011

Takoyaki & a fluff ball

 I went to the mall with Dianna and Cathy and Cathy there was a takoyaki stand at Shirokiya and I'd seen it in all the manga and anime I've read/watched and Cathy bought some for me. (* A * ) I was so excited haha. Dianna really liked it but I didn't as much lol. The insides was mushy and I'd expected it firmer. :/ So it had the consistency of soft tofu. (= A =;;)
 Those flakes (fish flakes) were really good though. The heat from the takoyaki made it move so it almost looked alive.
 Cathy also bought me a Cinnabon. I'm trying to gain weight so her and Dianna are helping me out lol. Since whatever money I have are all spent on clothes. (= v = )

And I went to my dad's friend's place to help him with his printer/computer stuff and he had this sweet little dog there. (*≧▽≦)!!! When we were getting out of the car and I saw it in the guy's arms it was making these weird sounds that I thought were angry but my dad said it doesn't bite and that the dog was funny so when I went in the house and he put the dog down it was clambering to catch up to me and then started to jump on my legs and pawing at me all excited and junk. (;∀;) I hardly ever get to play with pets since almost all of my friends live in apartments. (; n ;) And he was way too excited and wouldn't leave me alone when I was working with the laptop, so my dad's friend had to tie him to the door and he wouldn't stop whining the entire time and his nails kept clawing the wood floor. His name's Momo by the way.
 I'm trying to take a picture with him and he makes this stupid ass face hahahaaa. He's only a year and a half old so that would explain his energy. And surprisingly he's only 8 pounds. While I was playing with him he kept play biting my hands and licking me, I wish I owned him.
 This is Probably the cutest picture of him I could manage since he WOULD NOT STOP MOVING!
Can anyone tell me what the breed is? It looks like a Maltese-Pomeranian mix to me.

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