Friday, September 9, 2011

OOTW + small haul

Outfits of the week lol. I've been so busy with school I can barely update anything! Last week, my school's newspaper I think, interviewed me and asked me why I joined the drawing and painting class and I told them I wanted to get into fashion design and get better at creating texture and depth for rough drafts of clothes/shoes and such. Today they came back asking me more questions. -so flattered- Also, I joined the editors for the literary magazine because the teacher who runs it was my English teacher last year and she wanted me to submit my art and then she asked me to do a page in it on fashion.

*First 2 outfit pictures credit to Amy

 *new shoes
 *momma's bag and shoes.

 I'd been wanting to try Wet n'Wild things since I hear they're cheap and really pigminted which they are! (Eyeshadow is Vanity; Lipstick is 903C) I surprisingly found the necklace at Jeans Warehouse they had TONS of feathered jewelery covering an entire rack. I've also been wanting a finger gauntlet ring since forever.
Also got these shoes from Jeans Warehouse, I'm not sure if I like them entirely though. I might return them.

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  1. Adore your outfits of the week. :)

    xx Love & Aloha
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