Wednesday, September 21, 2011

REVIEW: Dueba Puffy 3 Tone Green!

Finally got new lenses thanks to Cathy!! (*≧▽≦) I was so excited. I got them in perscription this time too. IT IS SO GOOD TO BE ABLE TO SEE CLEARLY WITHOUT GLASSES! But I'm gonna need to use concealer for my bags now that the glasses aren't covering them lol. These were so huge, a darker color probably would've made me look like a demon. 

Got these circle lens from

Dueba Puffy 3 Tone Green aka. Shinny
Usage Modality:  Yearly
BC:  8.6 mm
DIA:  14.5 mm
Water content:  38%

Cathy's drawings on the package are so cute and funny omglol. :3

These last two photos were at the end of the day, so my mascara started flaking at me. :P

With flash

With natural light
I rate it 4/5
So I felt my first contacts, the Neo Lucky Clover Blue (14.2mm) were a bit smaller than what I, but were really comfortable. After wearing them for a 6th month, they became really irritating and I just couldn't handle it anymore so I threw them away and ordered another pair. So I told myself I'd try a 14.5mm since it looked fine on my friend Miye, but wow. I think the Puffy 3 Tone is gorgeous, but a bit big for me. Lenses tend to look a lot smaller if you're wearing more make up so maybe I should be using more eyeliner or something, idk. Anyway! The color is great and vibrant/opaque. It's not as comfortable as my Neo ones. I had to put in eye drops while in my air conditioned class and had to blink harder or close my eyes for a bit, but it wasn't unbearable or anything. These were huge on me! But it wasn't a shocking enlargement to my friends. When first putting them on, they would give me a weird cock-eye haha. Those complaints aside, I really do like them. They enlarge my eyes rather nicely and are a lovely pop of color. (´・ω・`)

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