Monday, September 12, 2011

Busy Sunday.

My Saturday was so relaxing. I stayed home all day just doing nothing, really. lol. But I was tired as hell when I got home on Sunday. I started off with going with Jessica and miscellaneous other people to Waikiki.

The rings I got at the Forever 21 there. C:

At Ala Moana: The meet time was 12, but as I expected, everyone got there at 2. ('-')
 I can't tell if Dat's smiling or what. He makes the most awkward faces in pictures....
 This is a very good example of how awkward his face is.
 It was actually all of us linking arms, except for Sungjin, but ended up like this. :c

 Jessica took my camera lol. ( ̄Д ̄l|)^We were in the 21Men's section of Forever 21
 At our school auditorium. I left the others to go here because my Vietnamese Chemistry teacher was holding this Vietnamese Moon Festival for kids at school and we got extra credit if we helped out. (・∀・)
 Shelley insisted we go somewhere after school, so we went to Ross to mess around lol.

 Size 20 shoes. Holy mother of god. o__o They were as big as our shin!!
 ^Shelley cleaning like a good housewife. Jk, she'd be a shitty one. :) You can't really tell but I'm trying to grab her with the thing. o__o
Went to McDonald's afterwards. THEIR NEW MCCHICKENS ARE SOOOO GOOD!! I totally crave the jalapeno and cheddar. (‘ロ‘)

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