Tuesday, September 27, 2011

So that denim shirt I thrifted last time, yeah. I cut the sleeves off. My parents are getting small kine irritated with my cutting up my clothes. Whatevaaaa. I love speaking Pidgin English hahaha.

In a more outfit related note, the necklace was originally long, but I clipped it short and hung the extra chain around to make it short and more statement-like. The tights... I keep forgetting about finding them other times when I'm out shopping and I felt I really needed it to complete the look I had in my had and I couldn't find any at Ala Moana! So I asked my friend Bobae and she told me she got her's at Macy's but there were cheaper ones at Payless. So I paid $7 for them although I was pretty sure they were opaque and not sheer like I wanted them to be. Later that day, me and Shelley hit Walgreens and I remembered a YouTuber saying something about getting their tights there AND WADDYA YOU KNOW? BLACK, SHEER AND $3.

 LOL awkward pose. *originally to show my mouse ear ring but that failed so here. :)

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