Friday, September 16, 2011

Out with Shelley

I've been so stressed and emotional this week because I'm getting Cs in most of my classes and I'll probably be getting a D in Chemistry and Chinese 2 and I'm so mad at myself for letting it slip to that point. I might not seem that bad because I'm still technically passing, but I really wanted to keep up the A's and B's I got last year. Shelley called me at 5:30pm telling me to hang out with her and something about being out at night makes me happy and I had so many laughs with her, it was a really great way to end my week.

She needed to buy a birthday present for her friend since the party was tomorrow so we went to Frever 21 and she ended up buying something for herself. I would have too actually haha, the shirt was so cute. I also saw a lot of other things I wanted, but I am too effing broke. (;ω;)

 I saw a skirt like this. And a maxi jacket too. :,C

We went to Claire's afterwards to mess around and got in trouble with a worker for taking pictures. :D *from my phone

Us at Walgreens being gay for each other. ❤ haha, we're so lame. Those shoes aren't ours btw, she wore a pair, I wore a pair so I was like, "YAY we're matching. :D" and took a picture. lol

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