Monday, February 13, 2012

February updates;

I am doing pretty well in school and with after school activities. The less time I spend with my friends at school, the better I'm doing~. To be honest, I'm getting kind of tired of senseless girl drama and people's shit so I spend a lot of time working as a cashier in the school cafeteria (wh00t community service hours) as well as tutoring at my old elementary school which is near my house. My work habits have gone awful though. I've completely stopped doing any homework the day before it's due and wake up 2-3 hours before I leave for school to get it done. I'm dead tired but I can't stop procrastinating and tumbling lol. \(;´□`)/

Prom is coming up next month and me and Shelley finally got out to look for dresses but we hit Goodwill before though. I didn't buy anything in case the dress I wanted was gonna be expensive so I just tried on a couple things and I really liked this shirt, even though I already have 2 denim jackets and a sleeveless denim shirt, what's one more~. I'll probably go again this weekend to see. But I still haven't bought shoes for my dress yet. :x
 We tried on tons of collared shirts and cardigans/sweaters but I don't want to buy anything unless I'm in love with it or am sure I can make it work. Anyway, I really liked this cardigan but little aspects of it were kinda weird.
We went to dress shops in Chinatown and I tried some things on at Calista and out of the three these were the nicest I guess. This one was a cute mint green and could really have done without the flower (luckily, it's detachable) but it was too big on me. :P
 This hardly fit me at all (especially in the chest) but it was really cute and flattering. :,c
 We got back to town and stopped by Shiroette since the mannequins at the window were wearing really cute stuff, but inside was really nothing special. ( ̄д ̄;) Except for maybe a couple of cute bags.
 We went to Nordstrom and I found this dress that I was in love with. It was the chiffon fabric I wanted (I find that satin dresses look tacky especially ones with rhinestones) and the skirt had a mesh over it. It was really simple and had a sophisticated look to me. Some may say it's too casual for prom, but I feel I have the confidence to wear it well.

 I got these shoes at Ross and I'm a 7 1/2, but they only had a 7 and 8 1/2 and I got the 8 1/2 since they were more comfortable, but when I got home I saw they actually looked pretty big and ended up returning them. They match well with the dress though. (;へ:)

 I recently made a LookBook so if you would please hype or fan me (widget on the left) I would appreciate it a whole lot. (◕‿◕✿)

 I LOVE my turquoise skull bracelet. It's got a good weight to it since it's actually made of stone. I got it at Duke's Lane in Waikiki. I think people underestimate gift shops and thrift stores too much. Really, you can find a lot of cool things if you just bothered to take the time and look.


  1. I really loved that floral shirt you tried on <3

    1. Thanks! I regret not buying it now haha. c,:


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