Thursday, December 22, 2011

Omg 3 days before Christmas haul

Earlier in the morning I went to Chinatown with my mom for some pho and I got these 2 there. I'm probably gonna give the green tofu to Amy and keep the dumpling because my previous phone charms fell off again somewhere. (=A=;;) I went to Todai for the Leo Club Christmas party and ate SO much sushi and tempura I felt like I was dying. I couldn't even sit up or walk properly and I had a crepe, too. But then I remembered this trick to make yourself feel less full is to consume something really sour so I was sucking on lemons during the last 15 minutes which actually worked well. The Leo Club officers had presents for us and I ended up grabbing this piggy bank which is gonna be really helpful in my trying to save for all the things I want to buy online lol. And especially my cosplay fund. ヽ(´▽`)/

 We walked around Waikiki and went to Pineapple County where I got this chiffon collared shirt.
 I went with Jenn to WalMart so she could finish up on her Christmas shopping and I picked up these. It is SO hard to find a liquid eyeliner in a brush pen form (and cheap too)! I remember hearing about Physician Formula having one but they're usually always sold out of black, but I finally got my hands on one. ( ;∀;) The DollyWink one ($18-19) is forever sold out at Don Quijote, and the Kat Von D at Sephora is $17. :/ And the Kat Von D ran out quick according to Jenn, but this one is more or less $10. :)
 Old Navy had the biggest sale on sweaters! I got this one for half off the original price ($32) I'm wondering whether or not I should keep it or give it to my friend as a Christmas present.

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