Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Face+random stuff haul

I went to WalMart with my mom the other day and grabbed a bunch of face things. I don't have a frequent problem with acne any more and since I ran out of my Biore Ice Cleanser, I got this Olay one to take off make up. I thought I should start working on my acne scars and whatnot so I picked up Porcelana Lightening Cream and Ambi Even & Clear Exfoliating Wash. I do not recommend The Porcelana because it's active ingredient is hydroquinone which is actually banned by the FDA in some European and Asian countries. But mind you, using it once won't give you cancer or something (maybe an allergic reaction as apparent in some people), and there is only some evidence it is harmful to your health. But if it's actually debatable on whether or not it is harmful, you're better off not risking it. As for me, I'm just gonna finish up this jar and look for something else to slab on my face.
I've been dying to try out the Maybelline Baby Lips, idk I probably just love the packaging and I've been really wanting a tinted lip balm.
On another day I hung out with Jennifer in Waikiki and my love for the Forever 21 there is beyond words. They have everything you could find online and then some. I found this in the plus size section but just had to have it. :,D
I taught myself how to make wire jewelery for a craft fair for school and so I decided to finally make a ring like this that I've always wanted and found some stones in Thinker Toys to use. But my teacher has the materials so I'll need to find some time to get wire. :P

I know for sure the one on the right is amethyst but the name of the other escapes me.

EDIT: Oops, almost forgot to mention I'm ordering these boots from YesStyle. (>∀<!!)

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