Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Weekend in Waikiki

The mall, Ala Moana has gotten pretty boring. That aside, I spent Saturday with Jennifer and we had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. I've never been there before since my parents ALWAYS have to go to Chinese restaurants. (=ะด=;;) We had chipotle chicken pizza and some baby clam pasta. P:
 Then on Sunday I went again with John, Dianna, her sister, and Jessica. I treated them to udon at Marukame since Jessica had never been there. I love how Waikiki has all these streets and corners and every so often you'll come across some store you've never seen before with cool stuff inside. :)

So they were doing a stupid wave while I was walking across the street.

I got John into watching MisFits and so he dared me to talk like Kelly (thick British accent) the entire day (Also, his accent is terrible; Jessica's is even worse because she sounds like Dracula, no joke) Above is them calling me as I'm trying to briskly walk away because they are just that much of an embarrassment.
 We went to ColdStone and I was ordering there and the guy asked if we were from here and Dianna said "They're joking." Almost blew my cover. (='A'= ) Thankfully the guy didn't hear her.

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