Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Creepy Cute

As you've noticed, I've updated my layout. I've spent the passed 2 days at home watching movies and when my main movie/tvshow site was down yesterday, it gave me time to change the layout, favicon, etc. And today I went to the new Safeway down the street, picked up some stuff and had the house mostly to myself.  ( ´∀`)

And for whatever reason, the memory card for my camera has been fucking up so of the 80 I took, I could only recover less than 10. (╬ ಠ益ಠ)

Since I'm probably gonna be home tomorrow too, this is pretty much what I'll be eating for possibly the rest of the week. I miss going on food runs with my brother. ( ;︵;) but hopefully he will be able to find and get me the cosmetic things that I want from Japan. c,: You think they sell lashes and Dolly Wink at the 7-11 there? Lol. (The closest store to the resort he's working at but it's still over half an hour away by car)
 Also since I'll have time, I'll make a make up tutorial for this. I got a lot of compliments at school when I wore it out then.(^ㅂ^ )

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