Friday, December 30, 2011

So late

So I never got time to make that make up tutorial. Things just kept coming up. I was running errands with my mom and on Saturday I was helping Dianna's sort-of-boyfriend Kevin shop for her present and hung out with Shelley, John, Ivan, and Kelsea. Which I would show you but my memory card keeps effing up! I think I pulled it out once without ejecting it properly and it's scratched or something. but then the other day I dropped my camera and my pictures I thought I lost before resurfaced? So I'll post the a continuation of Creepy Cute. Anyway on some day I don't remember which I went out for pho with Jenn and Yueshi because she came back from Nebraska. :3 I had summer rolls instead.

 We went to this place called Let Them Eat Cupcakes but when we got there they were closed, but the guy inside still had a lot of extras so he gave them to us. (^▽^ ) The right is manga, left is snickerdoodle.

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