Saturday, August 20, 2011

Yogur Story

So the cosplay fashion show is in exactly a week, and there was another meeting on Friday at this Korean cafe called Yogur Story to talk with the producer about what we'll be doing and junk. It sounds big and whatever, but it really isn't lol. ( *・ω・) It's less like a fashion show and more of a show case/performance. I don't know if I'm allowed to say anything about it... o__o I'll have one of my friends take pictures and stuff. (It's on the 27th of August at 5:00pm if you were wondering...) In my talk with the producer, he really wanted me to do Kagamine Rin and said that he could find a wig for me. (^□^*) I'm a bit nervous about my (Y)uni costume, plus I need different shorts. The ones I have are high waisted with nautical buttons. Me and Amy both need craft foam for our cosplay's details. Since we only have a week left, we really ought to get crackin'. (*。_。)

 Is it just me, or is Amy's Korean side seeping out of her. :D
 Camera focuses on Amy......
 Wearing my glasses. (*。_。)
 I ordered a green tea latte
 She had a hot white chocolate.
 We were on the second floor, but this is pretty much the best angle of the place.

Before leaving, First two pictures are from my bathroom LOL. Just finished doing my make up.
 I love the curling iron Cathy gave me.

Congratulations, Amy for finally being able to do the taco thing with your tongue.

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  1. LOL "Seeping out." And thank you. I feel really accomplished. LOL YEAH, this weeks going to be HECTIC, what with school, rehearsals, and completing our costume... x__x;

    We probably don't need that much to do for our cos, so maybe we can work on them every other day of rehearsals? :\


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