Thursday, August 18, 2011

Yayy! New laptop~

Finally got my laptop today!!!!★ Soo happy. :,D My dad surprised me with it when I came home from school. Now I can post up all my picture and junk, so expect a lot of posts within the next couple days! My favorite thing about this thing is the HD webcam LOL. It also has 4 USB ports and Beats Audio. (*≧▽≦) But I still have to re-download everything like Photoshop which takes forever, Painttool SAI and printer and whatever. .__. 
Also had my mommy buy 4 six packs of melon soymilk AWW YEEAAAHHHH.

Here are my nails for the week and my new cellphone

 Got the two tofu in Chinatown for $3 (two for $3) The anpan from my brother when he went to this Japanese snow resort a couple years ago. And the red man from Amy. :3

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