Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Random mobile pics

As the title implies, this is just gonna be a post on the pictures on from my phone (finally was able to get them ON!!! (o`皿′o) ) So they're all from various outings of mines. (^∇^|l)
 First up from however long ago this was., I went shopping with Jennifer because she needed make up for her cousin's wedding later that week. While we were at Don Quijote here blows the gayest kpop poster I ever saw! The fangirls must love it to bits. :3
 We went to Waikiki for lunch at this udon place caled Marukame. A bowl itself is pretty cheap, $3.75 for for mines and it was really filling. The shitty part is each tempura is $1.50!! What you see on the right is an asparagus and squid tempura.
 This was Jennifer's meal. (If you asked me, the wooden 'bowl' looks more like the bucket you wash yourself down with during a bath) She kept drinking the broth the noodles were sitting in when  I was pretty sure the stuff in the black bowl was the sauce you dip the noodles in.... (I saw an old guy who looked like he knew what he was doing eat it like so) She kept insisting the clear broth was soup so I tried it and it was bland so it was definitely not soup LOL.
 The bon festival in Manoa. At night, it was INSANELY windy and cold. I totally forgot about it until Macie mentioned it to me when I was about to go home. (I also went to this cute cafe in McCully called Coffee or Tea and they have a milk tea where instead of tapioca pearls there's pudding inside! It was soo good. ( ´ ▽ ` ))
 In my art class we were told to draw a person the size of the paper and I think I did pretty well, but he slowly starts to shrink LOL. I was running out of space and I was like, "CRAP!! HE CAN STILL FIT!"
 Rin's so frickin' cuuuuute. (*≧▽≦)
 I was having a day off when Dianna called me to go to Ala Moana so I took a quick shower before I left. (my hair was actually full of my brother's Gatsby hair wax because I was trying to making shark hair. :3)
 It was picture day on Monday and I can' believe my hair held the curls. ( ̄▽ ̄)

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