Friday, August 19, 2011

OOTD, HK Yogurtland, AKB48/SKE48

 So last week Friday, me and Amy went to UH for a cosplay fashion show meeting at our mall. (I will be modeling, doing make up, and hair and Amy will be modeling and doing hair as well if you were wondering) After the meeting, we went to Yogurtland and they had cute Hello Kitty bowls and spoons!
 Amy got Hello Kitty spoon.
I got Melody. (^∇^)

This is my outfit on Monday. There's this cute guy that transferred into my history class on that day and he's all girls are every talking about. I think he's pretty good looking, but girls are kind of making an overly huge deal about it. ('-'*)

*Also, while I was reading the latest issue of ViVi today, they mentioned the AKB49 manga and then I remembered AKB48/SKE48 filmed a music video at my school during the summer LOL. Here it is;
Pretty cool. :3

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