Friday, April 8, 2011

For a while,

I've been very depressed about various things and I won't be talking about it either. To cope, I'm burying myself in studying and the book I borrowed today which I'm half way done with already.

On a lighter note, to thank Jennifer for taking me out to eat so often, I made her a bento of the pig rabbit she loves so much (But all I know is that it's from a drama she really likes) furikake rice balls and cheese, bacon, green onion omelette. (I tried making it into a heart shape like how I saw in a Japanese magazine once, but that failed lol)
I also made myself iced strawberry black tea.
And I went with my mom to Palama (Korean supermarket) and bought this strawberry-apple popsicle I've been wanting to try again since Rachel first introduced it to me. @ A @
 Also this one I've seen in the few k-dramas I've watched and it tastes freakin' gooooooooooood. Cheap, too. 89 cents. :D
Gah. I really wish I could do more posts on make up and clothes, but I haven't bought anything new lately or review anything that hasn't already been reviewed 948975610230 times. :C

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