Sunday, April 17, 2011

Semi-birthday celebratin'

I spent the earlier part of my day at the senior home talking with them and such. It felt really good to hear them thank me for painting their nails. :D Later I met up with Amy to go thrifting for cosplay stuff. SHE ended up getting cosplay things and I got these high waisted boy (as in male child) pants because they fit and were cheaper than the adult women's hahaha. :D I cut then to make shorts like these.
I may have cut it too short. It feels like my ass might slip out or something LOL. But my friend said it doesn't look like it would. PHEW
 We went to Barnes & Nobles afterward and she was on her DS while I read magazines lololol. I saw these CUUUTE LLAMA AND UNICORN IN THE KIDS SECTION. :,D
 We split and I walked to Kats Sushi to meet up with my brother and his girlfriend, Jennifer since they were taking me out for my birthday. ^ w ^ I scraped my foot so she gave me this CUUUTE ASSS BANDAID. I didn't even want to use it LOL.
 The place was very small, but cool.

It was an "All you can eat" kind of thing and this was our first round. (minus 3 nigiri since we ate those)
 2nd round. I got full about here.
 ^looked like a flower lol.
THIRD ROUND! Being that  in round 1 & 2 we each split evenly, Jennifer wanted more and I had like one of each of those to help her out (If you can't finish everything, you pay for everything you ate individually). I thought I was gonna explode/die. Seriously.
 I had never been that full in my entire life. Anyway, here's me riding a bike without peddles! Just kidding (obviously)
 My brother said he would take me for ice cream at Bubbie's and we rode in his friend's truck, but it was PACKED with people! And so was Snow Factory... and then we drove around and around Waikiki until I just went with Yogurtland.
 There's my bowl and I loooved the mango flavor. As well as sitting in the trunk. So, there was a problem though, because I was sitting awkwardly and the truck made a VERY sharp turn and I was gonna hit the truck bed hard and wanted to prevent getting a concussion and (truck was pretty new, mind you.) I slid from one side to the other gripping this underside/rail thing of new plastic so it cut my middle finger almost halfway in and I bled on my jeans and the truck and used napkins to apply pressure. It kind of breaks open if I move my right hand too much. Grossness after the jump.

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