Saturday, April 9, 2011

Brain Health Fair

I had a pretty good day today; I went to this brain health fair or something at the Hilton here with Shelley and 2 other people from my biology class which was extra credit for my biology teacher. I saw this girl with them I hadn't seen before and she was from Maryland or something and came all the way here for the fair to present her poster for schizophrenia, but she ended up leaving early so we showed her around the Waikiki area, mall, and other stores. I thought she was so brave to trust us and get on the bus with us when we were taking her around. o___o Second to not talking to strangers even if they're my age, I would not get on a bus with them when I had no idea where I was myself. We never even had an awkward silence either.

My guy cousin came over with my younger girl cousin and made me cheesecake! It tasted more like custard tart though ahaha. :3

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