Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thrift+Helium singing

So me and Shelley (I miss you Amy D: ) went to Savers (thrift store) so I could find some things for my K-ON! cosplay, but I couldn't find anything!!! So me and Shelley looked around and found some cool stuff. Like a vintage Coach bag for $25 and a vintage Canon camera for $15. @__@ We didn't get those, I got another pair of ugly boy shorts to turn into cute girl shorts and a denim jacket. ;o
 We went to Toys N Joys first so I could get Amy her late birthday present. I wish I could've gotten this Soul Eater poster for her, but it was over my budget. :,c
 I really liked this sweater!! ($8) But once I saw there was a hole in it, I put it back but now I just remembered I can always sew it closed because the thing is crocheted anyway so it wouldn't be noticeable. =__=
 The denim jacket I got. Reminds me a lot of my dad's (HUUGE). I got it because it had the same vintage look as my dad's and he got his when he first immigrated to the U.S. (over 20 years ago)
 This was the camera we saw!
And the bag. :,C I wish I had got it now.

And now...shitty singing on helium!

Nicki Minaj's Superbass

Katy Perry's ET ft. Kanye West

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