Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fair + Hair

 Me and Dianna had to help our English teacher with setting up our stand at the Renaissance fair at the English building and I got to skip math HAHAHAHA. 8D We were a patisserie :3 Dianna looks pretty cool here.
 We set up in the courtyard and here is our strudel/pastries. :3 I kept calling Dianna and Vivian wenches and giving Vivian crap to do for not helping make these LOLOLOLOL. I kept telling her to pick flowers from the bushes on the side to make it more pretty, but ended up getting most of them myself. :P
 Top is apple bottom is blueberry.
 Macie's actually not part of it, but she was wearing our patissier hat anyway. It was really hot and sunny that day. =__=
 Yueshi and jenn came over so I could practice/try stuff on them to get ready for prom. Jennifer's already graduated but going anyway, this would be Yueshi's senior prom. She looks so cuute ♥♥
French braided side bun. :3

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