Wednesday, March 9, 2011

*more complaining from me.

Basically, I'm speaking here for all the things I don't want to really say to anybody. I don't understand why I've been so emotional lately. Mostly angry as hell. I'm so pissed I could really hit something. Especially my brother who thinks it's alright if he pisses me off and just says sorry like I won't still be mad. Then yells at me for still being mad and then everything's perfectly fine after that like I wouldn't be even MORE annoyed/furious with him. I kind of want to cry because there's no arguing with him since he'll always be convinced he's right.

Also, being at home for these past couple days have made me skinnier somehow? I rarely eat lunch at school (because it's gross) and last time I checked maybe a week or two ago, I was like 92.8 on an empty stomach and now I'm 91.8 on a full one. What the crap is going on? I'm currently feasting on a huge bowl Nutella + corn flakes. If I still have the flu in my system, maybe I'll try coughing on him in his sleep
or spitting on his tooth brush. I'm really considering it.

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