Saturday, March 19, 2011

Almost the end of break!

I had an awesome time chillin' for 2 weeks LOL. :D But I'm only seriously doing work now. ; A ; Finished Full House a while ago and honestly, I really didn't like it. It bored me to death and it had such a predictable ending, too. It annoyed me how unnaturally mean the guy was and I just couldn't stand how long the dramatic pauses were either.

I watched Dream high! (Suggested by my brother's girlfriend and my cousin) I really liked everything about it and it was so heart warming and sweet in general. I probably won't be watching anymore k-dramas since school's starting soon, haha.
So I'm doing my history homework (First of many homeworks) and I have no idea why my parents think kakimochi/arare is so bad for the health. =__=
^Taken with my brother's iTouch. Honestly, why does it make me look way better than regular cameras do?

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