Sunday, March 13, 2011

Honolulu Festival.

For the Leo Club, we had to practice how to play the Japanese instruments on Saturday for the parade on Sunday.
I for one was sleepy as hell because me Shelley, and Dianna just finished weeding the cactus garden at KCC.
We had to learn pretty much all of the instruments including this big drum, a smaller, flatter one, and a bell.
^Taken from Dianna's blog.
My brother and his girlfriend took me and Dianna to SushiSan just before we headed to the practice in Waikiki on Sunday. :3 I was really irritated because they were taking forever to give me my fried squid, and they were out of tobiko so I ended up eating 4 plates of spicy tuna.
Here we are at the park's parking lot waiting for instructions.
My brother's girlfriend said we look like monkeys; AHAHAAA.
^Taken from Dianna's blog.
^Taken from Dianna's blog

 I almost look like I'm wearing a yankee coat because it was so long LOL.
 Us in the float > A <;;
^Taken from Dianna's blog
 I'm glad we got a free meal afterwards. They gave us a free medium meal coupon and I wa slike, "YESSS I CAN ORDER A $5 BURGER NOWWW." Dianna's didn't want her Big Mac patties, and me and Shelley couldn't decide if we wanted beef or chicken burgers so we got chicken and took Dianna's. FATASS' BEST OF BOTH WORLDS.
^Taken from Dianna's blog
 We had these nice old Australian tourist couple take our picture at the ABC store. :D

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