Friday, March 11, 2011

Style switch. :)

I went to just Barnes & Nobles with Amy today while I cross dressed and Amy dressed as girly as she was comfortable with. (She usually dresses tom boyish) I was a little embarrassed to go anywhere else because I would look like a gay guy looking through girl's clothes hahahaha.
While we were there, I grabbed a couple magazines to read as usual, but it was even more embarrassing to grab the Cosmopolitan (for the sake of beauty products!) and this guy saw me, but I got over it.
 We went to McDonald's afterwards
 And took a final picture concluding our outing. :x
 All of the above were taken by Amy. :3 Her blog here.
I made my mom buy this mango+cream ice cream and you can't even taste the mangoness at all, I was so disappointed. .__. It is deliciously creamy, though.

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